Stories by Evan Schuman

Are we safe from self-aware robots?

End-of-mankind predictions about artificial intelligence, which have issued from some of today's most impressive human intellects, including <a href="">Stephen Hawking</a>, <a href="">Elon Musk,</a> <a href="">Bill Gates</a>, <a href="">Steve Wozniak</a> and <a href="">other notables,</a> have generally sounded overly alarmist to me, exhibiting a bit more fear-of-the-unknown than I would have expected from such eminences, especially the scientists. But that was before I saw reports on the self-aware robot.

Written by Evan Schuman13 Aug. 15 20:03

How should an underage cyberthief be dealt with?

Sometimes, emotions make it difficult to see the most effective way of accomplishing an objective. And emotions can definitely arise when the subject is underage cyberthieves.

Written by Evan Schuman14 July 15 21:10

Evan Schuman: Starbucks and the art of persuasion

The coffee chain was smart enough to push mobile by not initially pushing mobile. It's an approach that can work for your business too, internally and externally.

Written by Evan Schuman14 Jan. 14 13:56

2014: Time to rethink privacy

Companies have to fully confront the privacy issues they face and rethink their policies from the bottom up.

Written by Evan Schuman31 Dec. 13 11:54

Target's security: Better than I thought

The way Target deployed triple DES encryption for debit card PINs makes its statement about the unlikelihood that they were in danger much more believable.

Written by Evan Schuman29 Dec. 13 16:43

Target: Deceive first, answer questions later

Issuing deceptive statements is no way to win back customers' trust. That's a lesson for anyone who might find itself in Target's position someday.

Written by Evan Schuman28 Dec. 13 16:48