Stories by Matt Kapko

LinkedIn Students app helps graduates get gigs

Students and recent graduates are LinkedIn's fastest growing audience, and the company this week released a new app that's designed to ease the post-college job search process.

Written by Matt Kapko22 April 16 23:50

Why Facebook wants rivals to build hardware

Facebook bet big on hardware and software, but instead of selling its own network infrastructure products, transmission technology or 3D video camera systems, the company open sourced all of its related designs so they're available to competitors for free. Here's why.

Written by Matt Kapko20 April 16 00:05

Facebook at Work pushed to ‘later this year’

Facebook at Work wasn’t absent at F8, but it was relegated to a small booth where workers handed out swag and gave canned demos. The enterprise collaboration product is behind schedule, and Facebook will say only that wider availability is coming sometime in 2016.

Written by Matt Kapko16 April 16 06:47

Facebook is bringing in the bots and AI

By opening the floodgates for bots on Facebook Messenger, the social media leader hopes to kindle a more modern and efficient mode of communication between businesses and their customers.

Written by Matt Kapko14 April 16 05:50

3 big tests for Facebook at F8

Facebook kicks off F8 this week with some big tasks that should dominate its efforts this year.

Written by Matt Kapko12 April 16 21:54

Google cloud chief on tackling the enterprise

Google's cloud leader discusses one of the biggest IT challenges related to enterprise cloud deployments and offers advice on how companies can identify the business functions that are best suited for the cloud.

Written by Matt Kapko29 March 16 02:00

Why Apple no longer needs an iPhone 'wow factor'

Apple product reveals used to be watershed moments for the technology industry, but today Apple innovates in increments, as demonstrated by the new iPhone SE and smaller iPad Pro, and consumers continue to purchase Apple devices in droves.

Written by Matt Kapko24 March 16 00:46

CIOs upbeat on iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Apple revealed a pair of new devices this week that look strikingly similar to products it released years ago. However, the smaller sizes, and corresponding lower price points, of the iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro have kindled new interest among CIOs and other IT professionals.

Written by Matt Kapko23 March 16 01:07

Facebook aims to kill banner ads, but will the industry follow?

Facebook backpedaled on its ad-buying business for publishers after the company discovered an overwhelming volume of poor and fraudulent ads. However, banner ads and other 'valueless' ads won't simply disappear from the Web, regardless of Facebook's stance.

Written by Matt Kapko11 March 16 07:50

Facebook's Canvas a ‘big moment’ for mobile ads

Facebook yesterday announced a new full-screen, mobile ad format called Canvas that's designed to help advertisers engage customers with detailed brand experiences.

Written by Matt Kapko27 Feb. 16 01:54

CIOs share best practices for social media and collaboration

Social media certainly isn't a fail-proof solution to all of today's corporate communication and collaboration problems, but strategic CIOs and their teams can use social platforms to improve business processes, boost productivity and engage employees. Here's how.

Written by Matt Kapko26 Feb. 16 00:24

Facebook's Zuckerberg tackles telcos and terrorism

During a Mobile World Congress keynote yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed a variety of issues, including the company's controversial initiative, the future of online video and Apple's ongoing game of tug of war with the FBI.

Written by Matt Kapko24 Feb. 16 02:45

3 common cloud pitfalls IT should avoid

As modern businesses flock to the cloud, many fail to perform the necessary due diligence and accordingly fall victim to these common mistakes.

Written by Matt Kapko17 Feb. 16 23:25

Why the ad industry will never win the war on ad blockers

The head of the Interactive Advertising Bureau came out swinging against ad blockers this week. Instead of even attempting to fairly distribute blame for the chaotic state of the ad industry, the executive pointed his finger everywhere else but at IAB members.

Written by Matt Kapko28 Jan. 16 23:53