Stories by Louise Francis

Welcome to the talent crunch jungle

IDC research consistently finds businesses that excel in a digital economy have made their talent pipeline a key competitive weapon. So why is talent management not a priority investment for Kiwi organisations?

Written by Louise Francis29 May 17 07:00

Solving the customer experience (CX) riddle

In a new IDC survey, New Zealand C-suite executives named CX and marketing as their top focus over the next two years. So why do so many organisations still find it so hard to get right?

Written by Louise Francis21 Sept. 16 06:30

How to rebuild your innovation mojo

New Zealand enterprises need to rewire their ‘innovation brains’ or risk being sidelined by competitors. IDC’s Louise Francis lists three questions to jumpstart the process.

Written by Louise Francis21 April 16 08:30

5 steps to build innovation muscles

New Zealand CIOs allot only 19 per cent of their resources to business innovation, according to a recent IDC survey. They risk being overrun by the competition.

Written by Louise Francis16 July 15 06:00

CIO/CMO power couples

IDC recommends three initial steps to establish this partnership – but be forewarned, it won’t be easy.

Written by Louise Francis19 Jan. 15 06:00

ICT agility is out, business agility is in!

Conversations with executive peers should move from technology enablement, to how ICT can exploit business opportunities and respond to competitors, writes Louise Francis of IDC NZ.

Written by Louise Francis05 Oct. 14 05:30

Resistance is futile!

Rather than the big stick approach, CIOs should seek out the root causes behind shadow IT, then actively encourage line of business involvement in technology decision-making, advises Louise Francis of IDC New Zealand.

Written by Louise Francis28 April 14 06:00