Stories by Andy Patrizio

How to decommission a data centre

Decommissioning a data centre is lot more complicated than shutting down servers and switches. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Written by Andy Patrizio20 Sept. 19 20:00

Former Intel CEO Paul Otellini remembered

Former Intel CEO Paul Otellini passed away Oct. 2, 2017. As Intel’s first non-engineer, he did more to advance the company’s position than any other.

Written by Andy Patrizio05 Oct. 17 00:03

Amazon targets compliance-driven markets

Amazon Web Services EC2 Dedicated Hosts are designed to give you an on-premises experience in the cloud – for good or bad.

Written by Andy Patrizio03 March 16 23:47

1 in 5 small businesses still use Windows XP, survey says

A survey by antivirus firm, Bitdefender, has found 18 per cent of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are still using Windows XP despite the end of support from Microsoft and the near-apocalyptic predictions that led up to its end of life.

Written by Andy Patrizio24 June 14 05:00