Stories by Steven Max Patterson

What #MadeByGoogle really means

The #MadeByGoogle hashtag doesn’t mean Google is becoming a consumer electronics company despite its announcement of five new hardware products.

Written by Steven Max Patterson06 Oct. 16 02:53

Google CSO peers out from the fishbowl to talk security

CSOs would be wise to follow Google’s security operations and strategies because the engineering resources and scale will illuminate pending threats and evolving defenses.

Written by Steven Max Patterson03 March 16 03:58

Gigabit Internet access grows out of its niche

Google Fiber launched in Kansas City in 2011. It offered gigabit speed at $70 per month and ignited the development of an ultrafast Internet access category that has since spread throughout the U.S. According to Michael Render, principal analyst at market researcher RVA LLC, 83 Internet access providers have joined Google to offer gigabit Internet access service (all priced in the $50-$150 per month range).

Written by Steven Max Patterson25 July 15 02:00

Google's Polymer 1.0 brings reuse and better branding to Web development

Signaling Polymer's production readiness, Google announced release 1.0 at its annual I/O developer conference. A core library used to build and style Web components, Polymer transitioned rapidly from concept to production release in less than two years.

Written by Steven Max Patterson30 May 15 04:51