Stories by Steven A. Lowe

The 10 commandments of IT consulting success

IT pros looking to cash in on the rising demand for IT consultants, know this: IT consulting isn't all golf meetings and extended lunches. In fact, it can often involve thankless work fraught with unexpected detours, murky goals, and the occasional sudden jettisoning of your project.

Written by Steven A. Lowe27 May 15 05:16

14 nightmare clients -- and how to defang them

The key to survival in a client-based profession like software development is recognizing the signals of a project heading south despite your best efforts. Here, difficult clients can be a clear impediment to your success.

Written by Steven A. Lowe21 Jan. 15 06:50

13 insider tips for acing your job interview

If you're an IT pro, chances the job interview is at -- or very near -- the top of your list of personal hells. Why not? Tech job interviews can be grueling experiences, rife with esoteric puzzles, uncomfortable pauses, landmine questions, and the aching underlying feeling that maybe you don't belong.

Written by Steven A. Lowe02 Dec. 14 05:24