Stories by Kacy Zurkus

CEOs' risky behaviors compromise security

If shadow IT is a problem with business decision makers, that may be a sign your senior security person isn't engaged at a high enough level.

Written by Kacy Zurkus09 June 17 20:06

Be wary of vendors touting superior data science

Security vendors are jumping on the data science, machine learning, AI bandwagon, but don't believe the hype. Here's how to make sure the vendor you're evaluating can make good on its promises of data science prowess.

Written by Kacy Zurkus09 June 17 00:52

Resiliency, staying afloat in the face of cyber threats

Today's reality is that if the enterprise uses networked computers, they will get hit at some point. Not having and practicing a recovery plan could be the doom of any organization.

Written by Kacy Zurkus05 May 17 20:00

Detection and response, where to begin

Diverse group of security experts weigh in on strategies and best practices for making security everybody's job at MASSTLC

Written by Kacy Zurkus01 Sept. 16 23:00

Do third-party vendors have a bullseye on their backs?

Because there are so many different kinds of third parties, identifying whether they do or don’t have the right infrastructure or security protocols can be a challenge.

Written by Kacy Zurkus21 June 16 01:49

The expanding landscape of exploit kits

Angler, Magnitude, and Nuclear are a few of the most commonly used exploit kits criminals are using to deliver a variety of payloads from botnets to ransomware.

Written by Kacy Zurkus02 May 16 21:51

Why thinking like a criminal is good for security

Focusing too much on protecting only the crown jewels of the enterprise might leave gaps in security for criminals who are seeking other valuable assets.

Written by Kacy Zurkus14 Jan. 16 14:25

Why every CIO needs a cybersecurity attorney

Cybersecurity has long been one of the main issues keeping CIOs awake at night. Now, with the number of high-profile cyberattacks seeming to increase each month, security is haunting IT leaders during the daytime, too.

Written by Kacy Zurkus04 Aug. 15 23:30

When to outsource tech training for employees

Whether the goal is to attract new talent, retain highly qualified employees or develop an internal path to leadership, companies looking to create educational or coaching programs can either go it alone or, like most business processes these days, outsource part or all of the training function to a third-party.

Written by Kacy Zurkus22 July 15 23:31

6 breaches: Lessons, reminders, and potential ways to prevent them

Though all vastly different in scale and impact, the breaches at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Sally Beauty Supply, Starbucks, Anthem, Adult Friend Finder, and Penn State teach valuable lessons and reminders about security vulnerabilities and the need to do more to protect against attackers.

Written by Kacy Zurkus17 June 15 04:33