Stories by Campbell Such

Soft skills for success in a hard world

Unfortunately, most of us don’t realise that being excellent technically isn’t the whole story. There are several other critical pieces we need for long-term success in this age of AI, robots and exponential change

Written by Campbell Such28 Aug. 19 08:00

The CIO's secret to great conversations

Don’t be surprised when you start to see two or three degrees of separation delivering unexpected, positive outcomes in your life.

Written by Campbell Such04 March 16 07:00

An unexpected way to reduce stress and raise confidence

What would you give to be (more) confident, assertive, optimistic and cool, calm and collected under pressure? Imagine if all it took was to change your posture for just two minutes!

Written by Campbell Such26 Feb. 16 07:00

​Mission: Clarity in communication

How many times have you explained something to someone or asked them to do something and, as a result of their actions, realised they completely misunderstand what you meant?

Written by Campbell Such21 Oct. 15 06:00

How do we really make most of our decisions?

You might struggle to accept this, but it turns out that we make almost all of our decisions emotionally, and then justify them with logic. So how can this insight help us in our day to day decision making at work or at play?

Written by Campbell Such10 Sept. 15 07:00