Stories by Dan Roberts and Brian P. Watson

Lessons learned on the journey to the CIO office

We've always been big supporters of the idea that, when it comes to being a CIO, what got you here won't keep you here. Still, that statement has its limitations: No, talking up your technical know-how won't win you points in the C-suite, but many of the investments made during the leadership journey can pay big dividends at the executive level.

Written by Dan Roberts and Brian P. Watson18 July 15 02:17

Building IT value with Midwestern values

Chris Hjelm is a unique CIO, primarily because of two accomplishments: He's found success in several very different industries, and he's ascended the role itself to take on not only additional internal responsibilities, but also an appointment to the board of a successful public company.

Written by Dan Roberts and Brian P. Watson04 June 15 05:45