Stories by John Hoebler

Does 99.5% planned uptime = 99.5% actual uptime?

If you are evaluating cloud financial management applications, a common question is “how often does the system go down?” For most of the leading cloud vendors, they have a strikingly similar answer: 0.5% of the time, phrased as “99.5% uptime”. That sounds very impressive, but does that really mean your application will be up and running 99.5% of the time? The short answer is no.

Written by John Hoebler28 July 17 02:07

The ERP upgrade conundrum: How to calculate the true cost

If you are running an on-premise ERP system, you need to determine if you should upgrade it again or look to implement a new modern solution. In this blog series, you will find step by step guidance on how to make that decision.

Written by John Hoebler26 June 15 05:15