Stories by Clint Boulton

CIO returns to her financial roots, as CFO

Alliant Insurance Services CIO Ilene Anders, who was promoted to CFO last week, discusses how she used IT to transform the insurance brokerage’s business.

Written by Clint Boulton12 Oct. 15 18:47

New CTO role at Starbucks reflects rise of digital business

Starbucks’ hiring of Adobe CIO Gerri Martin-Flickinger as its CTO underscores the importance digital innovation is playing in traditional businesses. But does it also mean the CIO role is under siege?

Written by Clint Boulton09 Oct. 15 15:58

Cloud services go mainstream in healthcare

CIOs who previously eschewed the cloud because vendors wouldn't protect federally regulated patient information are growing increasingly comfortable with the technology.

Written by Clint Boulton05 Oct. 15 18:14

CIO hits college fairs to court tech talent

Textron CIO Diane Schwarz dishes details of the recruiting trail that took her to the University of Notre Dame career fair last week, where she spent three days scouting prospective IT candidates.

Written by Clint Boulton16 Sept. 15 22:35

Chief risk and compliance officer makes rare move to CIO

Marsh & McLennan Companies, a professional services organization, moves its chief risk and compliance officer to a broader, technology-focused role, highlighting the growing importance of technology strategy within large companies.

Written by Clint Boulton15 Sept. 15 20:39

CIO succession planning critical as IT drives business growth

CIOs say proper succession planning is a crucial part of their responsibilities. But it's not an easy job at a time when talented IT staff can rake in big salaries working on innovative projects, without putting themselves under the C-suite microscope.

Written by Clint Boulton26 Aug. 15 16:36

CIO says blockchain 'will heavily impact' financial services

Oliver Bussmann, CIO of UBS, says the blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can pare transaction processing time from days to minutes. Under his leadership, UBS is building innovation centers where engineers work with startups to pinpoint viable mainstream blockchain solutions.

Written by Clint Boulton18 Aug. 15 20:27

Agile, continuous delivery models represent 'cultural shift for IT'

Tasked with accelerating business innovation, technology leaders are swapping traditional IT project management for continuous delivery and iteration of software and services. But to succeed CIOs say such emerging models of IT deployment require strong collaboration with business stakeholders, as well as cross-training.

Written by Clint Boulton18 Aug. 15 03:52