Stories by By Scott Carey

How Splunk is expanding beyond IT and security users

Machine data specialist Splunk is looking to expand its user base beyond IT and security professionals with a new approach to product development under what it calls Splunk Next.

Written by By Scott Carey03 Oct. 18 02:23

Mastercard tech chief: Every company should emulate Netflix

As the financial services giant Mastercard continues to adapt to ever-changing consumer demands, the head of technology at the company has urged all companies to emulate Netflix when it comes to innovation.

Written by By Scott Carey18 June 18 02:57

Why did Dropbox get valued at four times more than Box?

Ever since Dropbox entered the enterprise space with Dropbox for Business in 2013 it has gone head to head with its cloud storage rival Box, pitting the two 30-something founders Drew Houston and Aaron Levie, respectively, directly against one another, as well as against big players like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

Written by By Scott Carey11 April 18 13:08

Cybersecurity threats that keep the banks up at night

People are often asking financial services firms what is keeping them up at night, and fraud and cyber security increasingly top the list, but what are the specific threats they have to contend with?

Written by By Scott Carey03 May 17 04:35