Stories by Magdalena Petrova

Aerovironment's Quantix drone is all about the data

Aerovironment's Quantix drone can cover 400 acres of land in under an hour, gathering data which can then be analyzed using the company's cloud service.

Written by Magdalena Petrova19 Nov. 16 05:37

Alibaba shatters its Singles Day sales record

Since 2009, e-commerce website Alibaba has held a Singles Day sale on 11/11 to encourage single Chinese people to buy gifts for themselves.

Written by Magdalena Petrova15 Nov. 16 11:26

This Navy-funded drone is at home in sea and sky

Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey have developed a drone that's capable of seamlessly transitioning from flying through the air to navigating in the water.

Written by Magdalena Petrova05 Nov. 16 06:55

PAL-V opens the first flying car school in North America

PAL-V is opening the first flying car school in North America to help prospective clients obtain a pilot's license before the company distributes the first commercial flying car in 2018.

Written by Magdalena Petrova12 Oct. 16 05:18

A gas-main robot can fix pipes without a shutoff

The Cirris XR pipeline repair robot can work on live gas pipelines, reducing the risk of injury to maintenance workers and allowing uninterrupted service to customers.

Written by Magdalena Petrova04 Oct. 16 12:00