Stories by Magdalena Petrova

The sole purpose of this robot is to make you bleed

Roboticist and artist, Alexander Reben, says he created the first robot build for the sole purpose of inflicting pain on people, all to get them talking about artificial intelligence.

Written by Magdalena Petrova22 June 16 03:34

DHL's Parcelcopter is automated drone delivery in action

DHL recently announced the completion of a three-months-long test of its automated drone delivery system, the Parcelcopter. It works in datum with a packstation dubbed Skyport, which can automatically load and unload the drone’s payload when it lands and store it in one of the station’s lockers.

Written by Magdalena Petrova11 June 16 05:24

PrecisionHawk eyes an air traffic control system for drones

With companies like Amazon and Google pushing for commercial use of drones, the U.S. government is under tremendous pressure to develop a control system that keeps order when hordes of drones flock to the skies.

Written by Magdalena Petrova08 June 16 03:17

Makani's energy kite is a smarter wind turbine

Kites aren’t just for kids anymore. Just ask Makani Power, which is developing a smart energy kite that can generate up to 50% more electricity than a conventional wind turbine.

Written by Magdalena Petrova01 June 16 01:54