Stories by Terena Bell

5 myths of API security

In light of Panera Bread’s API-related data breach, here what is — and isn’t — true about protecting application programming interfaces.

Written by Terena Bell09 April 18 20:00

Can AI predict when that new hire will quit?

New pattern matching tech takes aim at predicting how long new hires will stay, potentially saving employers billions per year. But has AI really cracked the code on employee retention?

Written by Terena Bell24 Jan. 18 22:00

Data breached in translation

Online language translation software caused a data leak at Statoil. Use these best practices to keep translated information secure.

Written by Terena Bell09 Nov. 17 22:00

How to protect chatbot data and user privacy

Employees and customers often enter sensitive information during chatbot sessions, but you can minimize chatbot security and privacy risks.

Written by Terena Bell26 Sept. 17 21:50