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What is Cryptojacking?

'Cryptojacking' is a term used to describe the action of secretly using a computer to mine cryptocurrency.

Written by By Sean Bradley09 March 19 04:06

Facebook could face multibillion-dollar fine over privacy failures

Facebook is in legal trouble again according to an article on the Washington Post. The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly in discussions with the tech giant to settle a multibillion-dollar fine after an investigation into past privacy violations.

Written by By Sean Bradley19 Feb. 19 01:59

How to deal with an antivirus false positive

We’re going to show you what to do if your antivirus tells you a file is dangerous if you know that it’s not, these are called ‘false-positives’.

Written by By Sean Bradley22 Dec. 18 06:56

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly ordered Facebook execs to use Android

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apparently told his management team to only use Android phones according to a New York Times interview. This decision coincides with a public exchange of less than friendly comments between Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Written by By Sean Bradley16 Nov. 18 08:32

Bitcoin is 10 years old today

Bitcoin’s popularity has waned somewhat in recent months, as its current price of £4,908 (US$6,337) is a long way below it’s all-time high of just over $20,000 on 17 December last year.

Written by By Sean Bradley02 Nov. 18 03:30

Facial recognition technology could mean less waiting at airports

Airports are a struggle at the best of times so any technology that makes the experience quicker and easier is going to be a positive change. New facial recognition technology should allow you to drop your bags off, go through security and go straight to your plane without showing a boarding pass or passport at the gate.

Written by By Sean Bradley29 Oct. 18 04:52