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The greening of IT

Ever have this experience? One day, you read about something, then suddenly you start noticing references to it everywhere. This happened to me recently with energy-efficient IT, aka the green datacenter. Today, a gentle trickle of attention; tomorrow -- blam! -- it's on everyone's lips.

Written by Steve Fox23 Feb. 07 21:30

Product Guide: Faster Wi-Fi, whether it's ready or not

1. Wi-Fi G-Whiz Factor
The Buzz: From the same people who brought you the catchy moniker 802.11b--known in less techy circles as Wi-Fi--comes 802.11g, the latest speedy wireless LAN standard. Although the new spec won't get IEEE ratification until around midyear, the big networking companies are already jumping the gun, offering a full slate of g-flavored gateways and cards. With a transfer rate of 54 mbps, 802.11g is five times faster than the current 802.11b, yet it's also backward compatible. And what if the 802.11g spec changes between now and then? No problem: "If a firmware update is needed," says D-Link Corp. marketing VP Bradley Morse, "users will be able to download it for free from our Web site."

Written by Steve Fox12 June 03 22:00