Stories by Jack Bergstrand

Great CIOs are politically savvy

Every IT professional has been taught how important it is to be objective. To that end, we have budgets, planning methods, scorecards and metrics that are supposed to be numerically based. And, as a result, we have no shortage of red lights, green lights and yellow lights to keep us focused.

Written by Jack Bergstrand16 April 13 13:45

It's time to reinvent reinvention

While working on more than $2 billion worth of reinvention projects in the past 15 years, I've often reflected on why large companies can be so good at running their organizations but struggle so much when it comes to changing them. Any way you slice it, reinvention is hard. It is difficult even when it's successful. And it hurts when projects stumble, spiral out of control, or crash and burn-which happens as much as 70 percent of the time.

Written by Jack Bergstrand16 Dec. 11 12:01

Connect with the big picture

This year I had the privilege of judging a number of CIO 100 applications. What I enjoyed most about the process was seeing the direct connections among technology, innovation and business value in the submitted projects. Perhaps most remarkable, however, is the importance of effective leadership to these highly successful and innovative technology initiatives.

Written by Jack Bergstrand26 May 11 22:00

Improve Corporate Performance through Risk Management

Enterprise reinvention and enterprise risk management have been a challenge to implement in many large organizations. The key to unlocking the potential of both is to understand and overcome why the traditional implementation approach consistently struggles.

Written by Jack Bergstrand30 June 10 19:13