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Fitness Trackers are Changing Online Privacy -- and It's Time to Pay Attention

Throughout the history of technology, few sectors have expanded and evolved as rapidly as today's burgeoning wearable tech market. Piles of unique and unusual, flashy and fancy -- often goofy and gimmicky -- new wearables are announced every week. There are smartwatches, smartglasses, intelligent socks and "onesies" for infants, rings for public transit payments and even "wearable tattoos."

Written by Al Sacco15 Aug. 14 01:56

Google Gets Down to Business with Android Work, Cloud Drive for Work

Yesterday's marathon Google I/O developer conference keynote, which lasted nearly two and a half hours, surprisingly dedicated a significant chunk of time -- by Google standards, at least -- to new enterprise features and enhancements in Android and other Google products. It was a notable departure from past I/O conferences, when Google mostly glanced over any enterprise-related news.

Written by Al Sacco27 June 14 02:20

'Salesforce Wear:' A Wearable Tech Toolset for the Enterprise

On Tuesday, CRM and cloud giant announced the Salesforce Wear Developer Kit, a set of resources designed to help the company's 1.5 million developers experiment with and build applications for a variety of popular wearable devices, including smartwatches, smartglasses, smart armbands and biometric authenticators.

Written by Al Sacco11 June 14 23:52

How a Boston Hospital is Using Google Glass to Save Lives

When Glass was first unveiled at Google's annual I/O developer conference in the summer of 2012, it was seen mostly as an expensive novelty that would be available to only a select few "Explorers," at least for a few years. Today, the device is still not widely available, and it still costs $1,500, but it's proving to be much more than novel to some businesses and organizations. (Glass isn't the only form of wearable tech making waves in the enterprise; read "Wearables Offer Promise (and Peril) for the Enterprise" for details.)

Written by Al Sacco08 May 14 06:01

CIOs say cost, complexity impede true mobile gains in enterprise

The majority of today's CIOs see value in mobilising enterprise applications and in deploying mobile-related innovations such as GPS features, location-based services (LBS), mobile payments and QR codes. Many also say their organisations are already somehow increasing revenue and developing new revenue streams directly related to mobile. But nearly as many CIOs also see the cost of deploying new innovations as prohibitive and complexity as a major concern, according to a new survey commissioned by Mobile Helix, a mobile security vendor.

Written by Al Sacco05 Dec. 13 14:58

In pictures: 15 must-have iOS apps you can't get on any other platform

Shortly after obtaining a new iPhone 5S,'s Al Sacco, an unabashed BlackBerry user and Android loyalist, set out to find the best iOS apps that aren't available for other mobile platforms. He came with up these 15 must-have iPhone, iPad and iPod touch downloads.

Written by Al Sacco02 Oct. 13 08:31

Four things you need to know about Microsoft's Nokia bid

Here are four ways Microsoft's planned Nokia purchase could have far-reaching effects on Microsoft, Nokia, BlackBerry, feature phones and, potentially, the entire mobile industry.

Written by Al Sacco04 Sept. 13 09:52

RIM CEO: What went wrong and the future of BlackBerry

These are dark days for the former king of mobile. But Research In Motion (RIM) CEO Thorsten Heins isn't throwing in the towel just yet. With a major mobile platform launch expected in early 2013, Heins is optimistic that RIM and BlackBerry will turn things around. But he's also realistic about the significant challenges his company is facing.

Written by Al Sacco09 July 12 22:00

10 things to know about RIM's new CEO

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) has appointed a brand new chief executive officer and president, Thorsten Heins. The move follows months of pressure from RIM shareholders and others to oust former RIM co-CEOs, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie.

Written by Al Sacco22 Jan. 12 22:00

How to protect your smartphone from bad apps

Today, the sheer number of people embracing smartphones makes those mobile devices and the data stored on them attractive targets to Bad Guys looking to access or steal your personal information. And though mobile malware isn't exactly a major issue at this point, it could be if those hackers and thieves have their way. But you can, and you should, do your best to protect your device and your data.

Written by Al Sacco15 Nov. 11 08:18