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Hi-tech ghostbusters

How do you catch a ghost? Not with an iPhone-at least not yet. Paranormal investigators employ an unusual array of equipment: Favorite gadgets range from the simple-thermometers and carpenter's levels-to the complex and expensive-infrared thermal cameras and ultrasonic listening devices. Thermometers and Thermal Scanners.
Thermometers have been used for decades in paranormal investigations, as cold spots are said to be clues to the locations of supernatural beings, says Loyd Auerbach, founder and director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations.

Written by Al Sacco27 Oct. 07 21:00

Where ghosts and gadgets meet

You've probably never used a blimp cam, but when you're a ghost hunter like Vince Wilson, you need to improvise with technology tools.

Written by Al Sacco26 Oct. 07 21:13

Few global workers are 'engaged'

Just 21 per cent of global workers are "engaged," or willing to go the extra mile to help their organisations succeed, and senior leadership isn't doing enough to increase that engagement, according to a recent survey of some 90,000 workers in 18 countries.
Furthermore, nearly 40 per cent of workers worldwide are partly to fully disengaged, according to the Towers Perrin Global Workforce Study, conducted by professional services company Towers Perrin. The firm claims the report is the largest ever of its kind.

Written by Al Sacco23 Oct. 07 21:00