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The right approach

Bad project management can kill a company. One day a company comes in
with a bang and the next day it goes with a poof. In times like these,

Written by Rabia Garib11 March 09 22:00

Still Standing

It's really quite simple: IT companies have Disaster Management and Disaster Recovery plans in place because they are IT savvy. They know what the critical importance of Business Continuity is. They realize how imperative a Data Center is and how essential it is to have a secondary facility in a remote location. But they're IT savvy and run drills so everyone working in the company knows what to do in the event of an unforeseen incident.

Written by Rabia Garib04 Nov. 08 11:06

How to reinvent a company

Here's the situation: it's the year 2000 and Azhar Hameed started a young company called Etilize, put its signboard on the wall and opens its doors for business. Sajid Hameed soon joined the company's Karachi office and Etilize was buzzing with activity. One thing led to another and somehow, the company was almost bankrupt. Today, Etilize Pakistan is a multimillion dollar firm with more than 200 customers and a 300-member team. With operations based out of Pakistan and offices in the US, Canada and Europe, here's how the company reinvented itself.
When the dotcom buzz was at its peak in the mid 1990's, Sajid was working a 9-to-5 job in the US. "There was so much data available. All kinds of it. Data about everything was being researched and used by everyone, yet there was no standardization in the way it was presented." The resident director of Etilize is referring to the huge market of content aggregation. As the Internet hype continued to grow, companies quickly expanded their online web presence, cataloging hundreds of thousands of available products so end customers would be able to search for what they wanted and make an immediate transaction. And all of this was happening without ever having the customer leave his or her desk.

Written by Rabia Garib14 Aug. 08 22:00