Stories by Joshua Gliddon

Pair home alone with the Milk

Late last year, Omar Kilani quit his job as an IT consultant to focus full-time on three-year-old start-up Remember the Milk.
Mr Kilani started the web 2.0 venture - a high-end task management tool that has about half a million users - as a university research project with partner Emily Boyd when both were at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Written by Joshua Gliddon05 Jan. 08 22:00

No faded glory

Old supercomputers don't just fade away. Instead, they're dismembered,
recycled and the bits that can't be reused are melted down or sent to

Written by Joshua Gliddon18 Nov. 07 22:00

Apple unleashes Leopard for Macs

Apple has released the sixth version of its OSX operating system, dubbed "Leopard", adding about 300 new features to the software that ships free with every new Mac, or costs A$159 (NZ$199) for an upgrade from a previous version of OSX.
The most noticeable feature of Leopard is the buffing that's been done to the user interface and the file management system. On a Mac, the file viewer is called Finder, and on previous versions of OSX it has come in for some criticism, mainly from Mac zealots who compared it with the Finder used in Apple's venerable OS9 operating system.

Written by Joshua Gliddon27 Oct. 07 21:00