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Goodbye stupid software patents?

If you haven't been following this story it may (hopefully) turn out to be a milestone in the history of software patents: The story concerns a US financial institution, CLS Bank, and an Australian software company that holds a patent on software used to mediate escrow for financial transactions. CLS argued that the process of escrow is centuries old and therefore not patentable while Alice argued that computerizing the process met the criteria for patentability.

Written by Mark Gibbs22 June 14 00:18

How to explain to Big Data newbies why correlation doesn't equal causation

With the explosion of interest in Big Data everyone in every department is looking for actionable intelligence. That's great but there's a downside: Trying to explain to, say, your VP of sales that the sales of barbecue sauce might appear to be connected to the selling price of beef but you can't say that's true for certain and that it would be inadvisable to act on that conclusion without deeper analysis.

Written by Mark Gibbs21 June 14 09:42

In Pictures: 12 Bluetooth gadgets for geeks

Bluetooth, the short range wireless data communications technology, is in a huge range of products these days, and not just computers and phones.

Written by Mark Gibbs26 March 14 09:14

In Pictures: 12 crazy good iOS photography apps

An Apple iPhone ad that aired in April claimed, "Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera", and I can believe it. Not only are there are a boatload of iPhones in the wild, there are a huge number of apps that enhance and improve on Apple's default camera app making photography more accessible, more creative, and more social. This is a collection of some of the best and most interesting apps available.

Written by Mark Gibbs02 Sept. 13 08:14

How do you manage your social networks?

I recently decided, somewhat randomly, to experiment a bit more with social networking. I was on LinkedIn and at some point the service asked me if it could access my Gmail contact list.
"Why not?" I thought and let LinkedIn have at it ...

Written by Mark Gibbs27 Jan. 13 22:00

IT consumerisation: It's biblical!

Once upon a time, IT said unto select employees (in biblical tones): "Thou lucky employee, thou shalt have this very expensive cellphone (sign here) and thou shalt want no other. Go forth and communicate," adding, "and, lo, thou shalt also have this very expensive laptop (sign here as well) and thou better not break it, buster. Now, go forth and lug it around the country and give presentations and whatever else it is you do. Begone."

Written by Mark Gibbs06 Nov. 11 22:00

An IT Christmas carol

Try resting merry IT men
Let nothing you dismay

Written by Mark Gibbs15 Dec. 07 22:00

Big Brother gets virtual

The line between the real world and the online world has become blurry over the last few years and it is changing the way we understand the reality of our culture.

Written by Mark Gibbs30 Oct. 06 22:00

Opinion: Linux loved, but Windows wins

Why don't I migrate to Linux? Let me count the ways," began reader Tom Staight's response to my recent column, "Why aren't you migrating to Linux?".
Of all the topics I've disemboweled in this space in the last year, the question of moving to Linux is the hottest. It seems almost all of you have a leaning toward Linux.

Written by Mark Gibbs15 June 03 22:00