Stories by Mark Jones

Death of the desktop

It was the strangest moment. Ten years ago, I'd just finished interviewing a senior executive from Citrix about this whole "thin client" hype, and he turned around to suggest I needed a new job.
It wasn't that he didn't like my interviewing style - I hope. Like any good salesperson, he was completely wrapped up in his employer's world and he wanted to change the planet. "This ASP [application service provider] business is going to be big," he offered. He was using one of those hushed tones people adopt when they're trying to convince you NASA astronauts really didn't land on the moon.

Written by Mark Jones29 Nov. 09 22:00

Wireless meshes with its future

It's time we had a new buzzword. Thanks to wireless technology proponents, that new poster child has arrived: mesh networking.
You could easily write off the technology as a logical extension of wireless and IP-based routing technologies. But that would be a limited view of its potential.

Written by Mark Jones12 May 03 22:00