Stories by Edward L. Haletky

Has VMware lost its edge?

It's always a sad day when the founders of a company leave. This sends quite a few mixed signals.

Written by Edward L. Haletky14 Sept. 08 22:00

Are Virtual Firewalls a Solution for VM Security?

One of the hot topics on the <a href="">VMware Forums</a> lately has been about the advisability of using virtual firewalls within the <a href="">VMware Virtual Infrastructure</a>. The main question is whether it's a good idea.

Written by Edward L. Haletky23 July 08 18:18

Software licensing and VMs: Watch the costs

One of the more frequent questions that comes up on the <a href="">VMware Communities forums</a> is how <a href="">application licensing models</a> are supported under <a href="">virtualization</a>. Some <a href="">Microsoft</a> customers, in particular, <a href="">are frustrated right now</a> with licensing terms related to virtualization.

Written by Edward L. Haletky09 June 08 16:57

Virtual infrastructure: threats lurk near open doors

According to polls I've conducted on <a href="">VMware</a> Communities, 80 percent of the people using <a href="">VMware Virtual Infrastructure</a> trust the security model VMware has used. Yet more than 70 percent are integrating VMware ESX into Active Directory; only a few are augmenting their security with access controls other than - or in addition to - AD.

Written by Edward L. Haletky23 May 08 15:52