Stories by Stephen Lawson

Huawei still leads in mobile wireless networks

Huawei Technologies remains the world's biggest vendor of cellular networks despite being effectively locked out of the huge U.S. LTE market.

Written by Stephen Lawson02 Dec. 13 22:55

Symantec to shut down Backup

Symantec plans to close down its Backup service, saying it lacks mobile and content-sharing features and wouldn't be the right platform for delivering them.

Written by Stephen Lawson27 Nov. 13 00:57

China launches monopoly probe against Qualcomm

A Chinese regulator is investigating mobile chip maker Qualcomm in connection with the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law, according to Qualcomm.

Written by Stephen Lawson25 Nov. 13 19:54

FCC's in-flight cellphone plan carries a lot of baggage

Anyone who dreads hearing one end of a loud phone call all the way from Anchorage to Miami, take heart: The plan to allow cellphones on planes could fail in more ways than an overbooked flight at a snowbound airport on Christmas Eve.

Written by Stephen Lawson23 Nov. 13 01:12

Qualcomm tackling faster LTE, but how fast is up for debate

Mobile device chips coming next year from Qualcomm will be able to use wide spectrum bands that carriers are beginning to patch together with new technology, but its lofty performance claims need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Written by Stephen Lawson21 Nov. 13 01:32

NetApp updates flash, hybrid dedicated storage arrays

NetApp is upgrading its lineup of dedicated storage systems, rolling out a faster all-flash array and improved platforms for branch offices and large enterprises.

Written by Stephen Lawson20 Nov. 13 01:55

YouTube returns after a short, widely seen outage

A brief YouTube outage on Monday was the one of the biggest recent glitches for the popular video site, according to a company that uses complaints on Twitter and other sources to measure the impact of online outages.

Written by Stephen Lawson19 Nov. 13 00:03

Google, Facebook join white-spaces advocacy group

Google and Facebook have joined the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, an international group advocating access to unused spectrum for broadband networks based on so-called "white spaces" technology.

Written by Stephen Lawson18 Nov. 13 20:10

FCC chief pressures carriers on cellphone unlocking

The newly seated chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has told mobile operators to voluntarily ease up on cellphone unlocking or risk being forced to do so.

Written by Stephen Lawson15 Nov. 13 02:17

Carriers' ISIS mobile wallet opens up across US

The ISIS Mobile Wallet went live on Thursday, bringing NFC-powered shopping to consumers across the U.S. through a venture backed by three of the nation's top four carriers.

Written by Stephen Lawson14 Nov. 13 21:49

The waiting ends for EMC's XtremIO all-flash storage array

EMC's long-awaited entry into all-flash storage arrays will finally get a full-fledged rollout next week, possibly setting the terms for mastery of the fledgling product category along the way.

Written by Stephen Lawson14 Nov. 13 05:06