Stories by Stephen Lawson

The Internet of Things needs a lot of work

Mobile connected devices may make life easier for consumers in the long run, but today they present a bundle of user headaches, according to a panel of industry leaders.

Written by Stephen Lawson13 Nov. 13 01:57

Gogo adds voice calls, text messages to in-flight offerings

Passengers in flight could make voice calls and exchange text messages using a new service from Gogo, but that doesn't mean your seatmate will necessarily be able to blab all through your next flight.

Written by Stephen Lawson09 Nov. 13 00:26

Report: CIA pays AT&T for international call data

AT&T supplies information on international calls that travel over its network, including ones that start or end in the U.S., under a voluntary contract with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Written by Stephen Lawson07 Nov. 13 19:11

Cisco weighs in for multi-gigabit addition to Wi-Fi

A high-frequency supplement to Wi-Fi that's several times faster than most of what's available now appears headed for enterprises through a partnership between Cisco Systems and a specialist in the technology.

Written by Stephen Lawson06 Nov. 13 15:38

EMC's Syncplicity service tightens controls on shared files

EMC will give users of its Syncplicity file-sharing and synchronization service more control over how their data can be accessed and used, including the ability to make files "time out" on a certain date wherever they may be stored.

Written by Stephen Lawson06 Nov. 13 01:07

Application services meet up with SDN in the cloud

Enterprises and service providers are looking beyond collections of boxes and toward virtual data centers that are better at growing and changing, and now application services such as security and acceleration are about to fit into that picture as well.

Written by Stephen Lawson05 Nov. 13 15:02

Africa to lead the world in international bandwidth demand

Africa's demand for Internet links to the rest of the world will grow by an average of 51 percent every year until 2019, ahead of all other regions, according to a forecast by research company Telegeography.

Written by Stephen Lawson31 Oct. 13 22:55

Sprint taps into its spectrum for fast LTE, with room to grow

Sprint is flexing its network muscle with technologies to combine frequencies for gigabit-speed performance and to let subscribers maintain data sessions while moving from one band of the network to another.

Written by Stephen Lawson31 Oct. 13 00:14