Stories by Stephen Lawson

VM-based storage platform scales out to multiple sites

Enterprises that want their storage organized around virtual machines will get more hardware options and greater scalability later this year from Tintri, a startup that specializes in VM-based storage.

Written by Stephen Lawson08 Oct. 13 17:40

Next generation of carrier systems going virtual

The latest version of Nokia Siemens Networks software for running mobile carriers is virtualized, pointing toward a future of fully cloud-based systems that could help operators run even more efficiently and roll out new services more quickly.

Written by Stephen Lawson03 Oct. 13 21:53

Bluetooth Smart going into wireless device chargers

Mobile devices will be able to talk to wireless charging platforms through a partnership between the Alliance for Wireless Power and the backers of Bluetooth.

Written by Stephen Lawson03 Oct. 13 00:33

EMC Bets Big on Flash Storage

The vendor gets aggressive about enterprise flash arrays, but faces challenges in the data center

Written by Stephen Lawson30 Sept. 13 13:39

Iran accused of hacking into US Navy computers

Hackers backed by Iran have penetrated an unclassified U.S. Navy network in one of the most serious incidents of cybercrime yet by the Middle East nation, according to a report Friday.

Written by Stephen Lawson27 Sept. 13 22:16

Flash storage vendor, Violin Memory, falls on IPO

Shares of solid-state storage vendor Violin Memory plunged more than 17 percent on the company's first day of trading, but analysts said the market for flash storage remains hot.

Written by Stephen Lawson27 Sept. 13 20:36

FCC wants to make carriers report cell outages in disasters

Mobile operators would have to tell the public what percentage of their cell sites were working during and after major disasters if the FCC adopts a rule it is proposing in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Written by Stephen Lawson26 Sept. 13 23:14

With LTE, AT&T isn't done evolving its network yet

Several network initiatives that AT&T is unveiling this week show the carrier is far from finished advancing its network even as it achieves a broad footprint with LTE.

Written by Stephen Lawson25 Sept. 13 01:37

AT&T teams up with Fon for overseas Wi-Fi

AT&T offered more Wi-Fi coverage to international roaming customers on Tuesday through a deal with Fon, the Spanish crowdsourced wireless provider that lets users share their Wi-Fi with other Fon members.

Written by Stephen Lawson24 Sept. 13 21:03