Stories by Stephen Lawson

Wireless USB to get high-speed jolt from WiGig

The WiGig high-speed wireless standard will power a new wireless version of USB through a deal between the Wi-Fi Alliance and the USB Implementers Forum.

Written by Stephen Lawson09 Sept. 13 12:10

EMC optimizes VNX hybrid array for flash

EMC's VNX hybrid storage line is now built for flash first, with revamped software that can take full advantage of multicore processors, producing what the company calls a major boost in performance.

Written by Stephen Lawson04 Sept. 13 09:02

Verizon eyes combined wired-mobile services, won't go into Canada

Verizon Wireless has no plans to expand into the Canadian mobile market, the head of its parent company said on Tuesday in the wake of a deal to bring all of the wireless subsidiary under Verizon Communications.

Written by Stephen Lawson03 Sept. 13 19:40

HP, Juniper to help VMware take on networks with NSX

VMware's big splash in software-defined networking with its NSX network hypervisor comes with partnerships already in place to flesh out its virtual networks.

Written by Stephen Lawson26 Aug. 13 23:37

Qualcomm to sell Omnitracs fleet management unit

Qualcomm has agreed to sell its Omnitracs fleet management subsidiary, one of its first businesses and one of the earliest vehicle information networks, to a private equity company for US$800 million in cash.

Written by Stephen Lawson23 Aug. 13 19:41

HP replaces enterprise chief, posts Q3 sales drop

Hewlett-Packard reassigned Enterprise Group chief Dave Donatelli on Wednesday as it reported an 8 percent decline in revenue for its fiscal third quarter, saying all of its major divisions except software brought in less money than a year earlier.

Written by Stephen Lawson21 Aug. 13 20:50

Smartphone interference tackled by Kansas startup

Future smartphones could gain numerous benefits from algorithms to fight interference, developed by a little-known startup in Lawrence, Kansas, that last week drew closer to implementing the technology in devices.

Written by Stephen Lawson19 Aug. 13 16:39