Stories by Stephen Lawson

Cisco to slash 4000 jobs in bid to move faster

Cisco Systems has announced it will eliminate about 4000 jobs, saying it needs to pare down middle management to speed up decision-making and execution.

Written by Stephen Lawson14 Aug. 13 23:08

Samsung sees vertical NAND boosting flash acceptance

3D V-NAND, a new technology for packing more data into flash chips, will dramatically increase the number of PCs and enterprise storage systems that use flash in the next decade, a Samsung Electronics executive said Tuesday.

Written by Stephen Lawson14 Aug. 13 02:15

Dimension Data plans cloud backup for its computing services

More cloud vendors are adding backup to the choices they offer customers, letting enterprises that embrace the cloud for applications, computing and storage also go there for business continuity.

Written by Stephen Lawson06 Aug. 13 22:56

Big data has potential but requires care

The proliferation of large-scale data sets is just beginning to change business and science around the world, but enterprises need to prepare in order to gain the most advantage from their information, panelists said at a Silicon Valley event this week.

Written by Stephen Lawson10 Dec. 11 12:03

Fulcrum purchase deepens datacentre role

Intel's acquisition of Ethernet chip vendor Fulcrum Microsystems is just the latest step in integrating the components within data centers to help them work smoothly as a single virtual system.
Fulcrum makes silicon for data-center switches with 10-Gigabit and 40-Gigabit Ethernet ports. Its chips are known for low latency. The small, privately held company's technology will give Intel a place inside the switches atop server racks that link servers to each other and to the overall network. Intel wants to pair Fulcrum's chips with its own silicon used in Ethernet adapters and controllers so they can exchange new types of information about security, quality of service, management and other variables.

Written by Stephen Lawson19 July 11 22:00

Cisco to cut 6500 jobs in cost-cutting blitz

Cisco Systems will cut about 6500 jobs as part of an effort to focus its business and reduce operating expenses by $US1 billion per year, the company has announced.

Written by Stephen Lawson18 July 11 22:00

Networking chief Haas leaving HP

Marius Haas, who led Hewlett-Packard's networking business through the 3Com acquisition that made it a broader competitor to Cisco Systems, is leaving the company for investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.

Written by Stephen Lawson28 May 11 05:54