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CIO Rebecca Jacoby steers Cisco's IT ship

Running the internal IT operations of Cisco Systems is a big job not just because of the size of the company -- more than 70,000 employees worldwide and a market capitalisation in the range of $US100 billion -- but also because Cisco is continually developing new IT products across a broad range of technologies and is known for rapidly adopting those products for its own use. Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby spoke with IDG News Service on the sidelines of the NetWork conference last week and shared some insights into the legendary enterprise IT company's own enterprise IT.

Written by Stephen Lawson14 Dec. 10 08:29

Skype hires Cisco's Bates as CEO

Skype has named Tony Bates as its next CEO, hiring him away from Cisco Systems, where he led some of the company's core businesses.

Written by Stephen Lawson05 Oct. 10 07:43

Catching the virtualisation and cloud computing wave

The pitch: Having data in silos makes storage complex, says Manish Goel, NetApp's executive vice president of product operations. Goel says the company's software allows enterprises to manage different types of storage systems, such as network-attached storage (NAS) and fibre channel storage area networks (SANs), as a single infrastructure. NetApp bets that its approach will give it an edge as customers deploy virtual storage or move their data to cloud providers.
To better serve these customers, NetApp last year released Data OnTap 8, an operating system designed to make a company's storage platforms scale more easily to many petabytes while still being managed as a single system. With its planned acquisition of Bycast, NetApp is taking aim now at what it sees as a fast-growing market: multi-petabyte global repositories of unstructured data such as video. Bycast will bring technology that lets companies expand such repositories, as well as software for searching the data, Goel says.

Written by Stephen Lawson16 May 10 22:00

Cisco expands carrier Ethernet lineup

Cisco Systems is getting ready to sell more gear into the burgeoning market for Ethernet services from carriers, preparing to introduce new switches and hardware modules at the Telecom 05 show in Las Vegas this week.

Written by Stephen Lawson26 Oct. 05 08:30

Devices, messaging on tap for enterprises

The Microsoft Corp. Windows Mobile-powered Palm Inc. Treo may be the talk of this year's CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment show for enterprises, but there were other new offerings hitting the market at the San Francisco conference and exhibition.
Palm's new Treo running Windows Mobile 5.0 will come out early next year for Verizon Wireless Inc.'s EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) network, executives of the companies said at a press conference in San Francisco. The phone/PDA (personal digital assistant) is Palm's first foray out of PalmOS devices, and the company has high hopes it will blaze trails into enterprises.

Written by Stephen Lawson27 Sept. 05 22:00

Carriers gauge scope of Katrina recovery

As telecommunications providers restore service to the areas hit by Hurricane Katrina, they are estimating millions of dollars in costs and planning for permanent repairs that may take months.

Written by Stephen Lawson15 Sept. 05 11:13

The case of the stolen Wi-Fi: what you need to know

Benjamin Smith III and Gregory Straszkiewicz both were arrested for allegedly stealing something no one could see, hear or feel. That thing was valuable enough for victims to press charges in both cases. But the arrests were over something many consumers throw out their windows every day: a Wi-Fi signal.

Written by Stephen Lawson31 Aug. 05 15:02

WiMax testing nears starting blocks

The WiMax Forum should finish validating its system for certification testing next week, a senior official said, the latest milestone on the road to a technology that at times has suffered from overly optimistic expectations.

Written by Stephen Lawson24 Aug. 05 07:12

3G - Wireless broadband unlikely to push 3G aside

For fans of 3G who are eyeing the impact of emerging wireless broadband technology, the news is good: In a few years, you'll probably have a choice.
The emerging mobile WiMax standard and other networks that follow you around will probably be sharing the air in the next few years, but they aren't likely to displace the technologies that big cellular operators are deploying now and planning to upgrade, according to carriers, vendors and industry analysts. Instead, look for wireless broadband to be deployed by mobile newcomers, such as cable operators and smaller carriers, and as a supplement to a few big carriers' 3G networks.

Written by Stephen Lawson18 Aug. 05 22:00

New ITU standard boosts speed of DSL

Faster broadband is closer to reality with completion of the latest International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standard for DSL (digital subscriber line), which is already in the playbooks of two major U.S. carriers.
The specification, called VDSL2 (Very High Bit Rate DSL 2), can deliver as much as 100Mbps (bits per second) both upstream and downstream, according to an ITU statement. That bandwidth, many times current DSL speeds of just a few megabits per second or less, could handily deliver voice calls, videoconferencing, high-definition TV and video on demand over existing copper phone lines, according to the standards body, an agency of the United Nations.

Written by Stephen Lawson30 May 05 22:00

Wireless USB group finishes 1.0 specification

A cable-free version of USB (Universal Serial Bus) took a big step forward on Tuesday with the completion of the Wireless USB 1.0 specification, but there is still some work to be done and questions remain about its prospects for widespread adoption.

Written by Stephen Lawson25 May 05 09:42

Court bars Microsoft from shipping networking feature

A court is blocking Microsoft from using a networking feature planned for the future operating system code-named Longhorn and a service pack for Windows Server 2003 that had been scheduled to come out last year, according to a company suing Microsoft over the technology.

Written by Stephen Lawson14 April 05 09:06

VOIP players gear up for fast-growing market

Vendors and service providers this week will celebrate VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) breaking into the mainstream of telecommunications with a slew of new and upgraded products at one of the young industry's biggest trade shows.

Written by Stephen Lawson08 March 05 08:13

HP, Nokia mobilize the digital pen

Hewlett-Packard's (HP's) "digital pen" technology is going on the road with a little help from Nokia.
The digital pen is a real ink pen that takes 100 pictures per second to digitally record what the user is writing. A new model from Nokia can send that information via Bluetooth to a Nokia phone and from there to a server over a standard mobile data network, the companies announced Wednesday.

Written by Stephen Lawson02 Feb. 05 22:00