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Eye on Apple's Tiger

Apple Computer Inc. used its recent Worldwide Developers Conference to announce Tiger, the newest version of Mac OS X, and to trumpet its growing commitment to the life sciences and science in general. Apple even added a special "sci-tech" track and provided a science lounge to accommodate the growing number of science-related developers at the conference.

Written by Bio-IT World staff23 Aug. 04 15:34

Going public

FRAMINGHAM (01/15/2004) - Biotech Immunicon, a developer of cell-based research and diagnostic products for cancer, filed for an initial public offering with the SEC last month. Applying for a Nasdaq listing under the symbol "IMMC," the company stands to raise as much as US$86.2 million, although it did not specify share price or the number of shares it planned to offer in the IPO.

Written by Bio-IT World staff15 Jan. 04 17:11