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Shrink your costs in 2011

It’s no wonder IT leaders are focusing concern on IT infrastructure and operations costs when it accounts for 60 per cent of total IT spending. Since things are still uncertain despite the economy showing signs of improvement, this area of IT “strikes a resonant cord”, said Jay Pultz, vice president and distinguished analyst with Gartner.
Budget goals

Written by Kathleen Lau18 Dec. 10 22:00

Protecting Your Assets

Ninety-nine per cent of companies her organization comes across don't have a proper asset management process in place, according to Elisabeth Vanderveldt, VP of business development, with Canada-based IT services and consulting firm Conamex International Solutions. That's a staggering number, considering the value that lifecycle management can bring to an organization. And it's indicative of the widespread lack of respect for this important aspect of IT operations.

Written by Kathleen Lau22 July 08 08:26


Ian Bellard's motivation for revamping Scotiabank's IT chargeback system four years ago was primarily defensive. He wanted to rid the "noise" from client functions that stemmed from the perception of charges as "opaque and not understandable and hence wrong."

Written by Kathleen Lau17 Dec. 07 21:07

Awed by the pod

With 29 independent micro-brewers scattered across the province, each with a unique story to tell, Ontario Craft Brewers decided that podcasts would be the perfect way to create that "personal, authentic" relationship with its beer drinkers.

Written by Kathleen Lau02 Oct. 07 17:26