Stories by Rosemary Haworth

UK railway operator outfits fleet with Wi-Fi

Rail operator GNER (Great North Eastern Railways) has fitted all of its trains with Wi-Fi and turned its network into a moving wireless hotspot, claiming that the move provides it with the world's largest Wi-Fi fleet.

Written by Rosemary Haworth30 Oct. 06 14:59

Quality control

Summer, such as it was, is now all but a memory. But in all likelihood you've a PC or a media card filled with images of how you filled your days. Whether those pictures end up being treasured memories you return to time and again or simply sit in a corner of your PC gathering dust depends on several factors.

Written by Rosemary Haworth11 Oct. 05 20:38

Big Brother is watching you

Crossing the campus to Philips' HomeLab, sited on the hallowed grounds of the Dutch inventors' research campus, I gave an anticipatory shudder. I'd heard plenty about this mysterious living laboratory, and imagined it to be the sort of place where once-willing inmates spend weeks on end performing mundane tasks by rote while shadowy figures skulk behind one-way mirrors.

Written by Rosemary Haworth06 Sept. 05 17:25