Stories by Merv Adrian

Analytics in the cloud

Every company-from the smallest start-up to the largest firm - needs to be agile in today's market to respond to changing dynamics and new competition. But these days it's often the smaller companies who are better positioned to adapt: as the barriers to entry have decreased, emerging companies now have access to data streams- and techniques for analysing them - that used to be the exclusive province of the largest companies. At the same time, the CIOs of larger organisations now find themselves as much bound by their legacy systems and data as they are empowered by them. The costs of managing these legacy systems are getting in the way: too much of the budget goes to maintenance, and not enough is left over for new development and technologies.
Nowhere is this dynamic more apparent than with Business Intelligence (BI). As BI once again rises to the top of priority and wish lists, CIOs are struggling with the costs of meeting internal demands while keeping within their budgets, and still finding time for innovation. The costs of proprietary servers and storage devices, as well as the space and energy to manage them, are off the charts and highly visible to every CFO, CTO and procurement professional. Proliferating copies of data into multiple one-off analytical systems-seemingly one for every question to be asked-only adds to the costs, and even new "data appliances" can cost in the tens of millions to scale up as requirements grow.

Written by Merv Adrian17 June 09 22:00