Stories by Tony Blackie

Techs on trial

A global competition is offering local technology companies support, advice and invaluable international exposure.
Australian and New Zealand technology companies with international aspirations are getting a helping hand from a most unlikely source - Wales.

Written by Tony Blackie06 Aug. 08 22:00

Secrets of success

Starting and running a business is precarious - just surviving the first few years is a milestone and achieving fast growth is still rarer. With skills shortages, a restrictive investment capital environment, increased red tape and compliance costs and onerous taxation regimes, Australia's fastest-growing companies make it against the odds.
For an emerging company to develop the Midas touch and experience fast growth, it requires sharp strategic thinking and adherence to basic business principles, as well as good luck.

Written by Tony Blackie26 Jan. 08 22:00

An offer of value

Despite 10 years of success, Brennan I.T. was in danger of stagnating, and couldn't keep its best staff.
The growth in the uptake of new technologies by Australian businesses saw information technology and telecommunications services company Brennan IT expand rapidly.

Written by Tony Blackie21 Oct. 07 21:00