Stories by Sarah D Scalet

The Truth About Customer References

Like many CIOs, Steve Pickett is happy to serve as a reference for his favourite vendors. If he spends a couple of hours talking to a prospective customer, the vendor might not bill his company the next time he needs a service visit not covered in his contract. He doesn't benefit personally from the deal; the perks go to his company, which approves of the practice, so why not?

Written by Sarah D Scalet06 Sept. 02 11:58

How to Plan for the Inevitable

Think you can't afford to create an incident response plan? Think again. Here's a budget-conscious guide to getting started.

Written by Sarah D Scalet08 April 02 09:30

Weathering the Storm

Kodak has been developing a business continuity program for more than a decade. Now it's time to move on that knowledge.

Written by Sarah D Scalet03 Nov. 00 12:35