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Cisco unveils network-based storage services

The discussion of where storage virtualization intelligence should reside has been going on for a while. As you may remember, three opposing theories suggested servers, network devices, or storage devices as preferred platforms for those virtualization services.

Written by Mario Apicella18 March 05 23:29

Product Guide: Next generation tape-drives take stage

Although various industry pundits have repeatedly predicted the imminent death of tape drives, tape backups are still irreplaceable in many business-continuity strategies. Backing up to disks may cut down on downtime, but it's no substitute for low-cost, long-term data storage and archiving.

Written by Mario Apicella18 March 05 22:00

A SAN for all seasons

If your company has been hard-pressed to choose between FC (Fibre Channel) and iSCSI (Internet SCSI) or between block-level and file-level systems for your next round of storage purchases, consider one of the entry-level FAS200 (Fabric Attached Storage) appliances from Network Appliance.
NetApp's FAS200 line of products for SMBs let you have your storage every which way. Featuring the unrivaled unified storage architecture from NetApp, FAS appliances support concurrent file and block serving from the same box, and simultaneous access from FC and iSCSI hosts.

Written by Mario Apicella19 Sept. 04 22:00

Building a future on storage networks

Despite its dull exterior and lackluster reputation, storage is actually more exciting than any other area of IT. Imagine -- or remember -- standing in the shoes of a new CTO who's facing the technical challenges and business demands of your new job. Defining a winning enterprise storage strategy may well be your single most important achievement toward steering your company to a more effective use of technology and greater competitiveness in the global market.

Written by Mario Apicella26 Aug. 03 22:00

Product Review: Streamlining sales

After months of rumblings out of Redmond , Microsoft Corp. finally released Version 1.0 of its Customer Relationship Management (MS CRM) Professional Suite Edition late last month. The wait has paid off: There is little doubt in our mind that the new suite will change -- for the better -- the landscape of the controversial market segment.

Written by Mario Apicella19 Feb. 03 11:39