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Cloud and disaster recovery: Load-balanced datacentres not a perfect solution

A growing trend in the disaster recovery arena for cloud providers is the use of load-balanced datacentres instead of hot-cold datacentres. Companies are deploying private clouds that are load balanced between their datacenters to take care of disaster needs. If one datacenter suffered from a disaster, the other datacenter would be operating even though it is at reduced capacity.

Written by Gregory Machler09 Jan. 12 22:00

Cloud architecture: Questions to ask for stability

I've been an architect on some complex applications and I have a significant concern about assessing architectural risk for public/private cloud applications.
Traditional risk assessments focus on external/internal access to confidential information like social security numbers, credit card number, and for banks PINs for the ATMs. Access controls and network protection are high priorities because they suppress the risk.

Written by Gregory Machler18 July 11 22:00

Phasing applications into the public cloud

Where does a 500-million-dollar, mid-sized company go to implement cloud computing? Where should they begin? How should a company phase its deployment <a href="">in order to reduce risks</a>?

Written by Gregory Machler20 Jan. 11 10:00

Organising sensitive data in the cloud

There's a tremendous buzz today about cloud computing, but before outsourcing your critical business systems to the cloud let's review some security concerns.

Written by Gregory Machler31 Aug. 10 03:25