Stories by Ian Wineberg

A game plan for unified communications

Many factors are making it important for organisations to consider the move towards Unified Communications (UC), whether the transition is made today or in the future. For example, customers are demanding simpler user experiences and faster service delivery and response times. Employees, especially new-generation workers, have higher expectations around connectivity and response times. Both customers and workers want anywhere/anytime/anyhow access to information and services, translating into more pressure to enable real-time interaction.
While the current rate of adoption of UC is low, the need for it is growing. The previous generation of PBX technologies is reaching end of life, and the era of time division multiplexing is coming to a close. This, combined with the rise of Voice over IP (VoIP), is forcing organisations to grapple with an array of new hardware and software offerings from a wide range of vendors.

Written by Ian Wineberg13 April 09 22:00