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Breaking down Linux

Linux development is more like a social network built on trusted relationships and less like a democratic community of individuals dedicated to a single development process, according to Linux creator Linus Torvalds.
"I have a policy that he who does the code gets to decide," said Torvalds, the Linux project coordinator who has written approximately 2% of the Linux code since creating the operating system in 1990.

Written by John Fontana13 Jan. 08 22:00

Going green?

Microsoft, with 70,000 employees spread out across the world, is deep into a corporatewide evaluation of how it can become a more environmentally friendly corporation.
The effort encompasses hardware, software, data centers and Microsoft's role as a corporate citizen. The hope is to initiate Microsoft's people, products and programs into the green revolution.

Written by John Fontana12 Jan. 08 22:00

Longhorn Server taking shape

With its Windows Server 2003 Release 2 just months away from shipping, Microsoft for the first time has begun to detail features of the next version of the operating system, which is designed to give companies flexible deployment and management options, a better file system and an improved Web-based application platform.
Longhorn Server, due to ship in 2007, has been the translucent entry at the end of Microsoft's server road map, which includes Release 2 shipment year-end and the high-performance Compute Cluster Edition version next year.

Written by John Fontana02 Oct. 05 21:00

Microsoft warms up voice software plans

Microsoft is executing a broad plan to provide customers with software interfaces to traditional voice and VOIP services that will let them make and manage calls from desktops, mobile devices or Web-based services.
More pieces of the company's strategy fell into place this week when Microsoft acquired VOIP software and services vendor Teleo to upgrade voice services on MSN. Also, an expansion of its partnership with Nortel gives Microsoft another vendor to help integrate traditional phone service with its real-time communications platform, specifically its Office Communicator 2005 client and corresponding Office Live Communications Server 2005.

Written by John Fontana04 Sept. 05 22:00

Novell out with beta for GroupWise 7

Novell this week released the first public beta of the next version of its GroupWise messaging platform and said it would include a free version of its Linux Enterprise Server when the software ships in this fall.

Written by John Fontana01 July 05 17:53

Interview: What's next for Windows

Paul Flessner, former in-the-trenches IT guy and now senior vice president for server applications at Microsoft, wants to run the data center. His opening punch comes in November with the release of SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005 and the beta for BizTalk 2006. Flessner recently sat down with Network World Senior Editor John Fontana to talk about what lies ahead for Microsoft.
What impact will Visual Studio, SQL Server and BizTalk have on the enterprise?

Written by John Fontana23 June 05 22:00

Microsoft set to ship real-time collaboration client

Microsoft on Wednesday said it has completed development of its next generation instant messaging and real-time collaboration client, Office Communicator 2005, and plans to ship the software before the end of June.

Written by John Fontana02 June 05 08:02

Startup promises unlimited computing power

A handful of former Nortel executives have launched a company they claim combines telecommunications-class networking with high-performance computing to create a nearly unlimited pool of server resources that can grow and shrink in response to application demands.

Written by John Fontana24 May 05 07:25

IBM releases first server for identity integration

IBM Monday released it first server designed to let corporations integrate their user identities and access control platforms with partners outside of their organizations.

Written by John Fontana10 May 05 11:53

Microsoft to detail its 'third decade' of Windows

Microsoft planned to set its course for the “third decade” of Windows when Bill Gates kicks off the company’s annual WinHEC conference in Seattle.
The theme will be decidedly 64-bit as Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect is intending to formally announce that four 64-bit Windows operating systems are now shipping, three server versions and one for the client. Those platforms are the Windows Server 2003 x64 Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition and Datacenter Edition the Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.

Written by John Fontana25 April 05 22:00

Microsoft ships first Server 2003 service pack

Microsoft Corp. late Wednesday released Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, a collection of security enhancements that aligns the server with the latest release of the Windows XP desktop client.

Written by John Fontana31 March 05 15:15

Microsoft joins real-time client, server and service

Microsoft has officially named the client that is the desktop focal point for its corporate real-time communications and collaboration infrastructure. The company has also upgraded its instant messaging/presence server and its Web conferencing service.

Written by John Fontana16 March 05 12:15

Microsoft set to launch 64-bit blitz

Microsoft next month will finally ship the long-awaited 64-bit editions of its latest server and client operating systems--and the move is just the tip of a 64-bit iceberg.

Written by John Fontana15 March 05 09:24