Stories by Patrick Gray

Magic tokens

People can be surprisingly foolish, especially when it comes to safeguarding their sensitive information online. If you work for Vasco, RSA Security or another multi-factor authentication outfit, that happens to be great news right now because security tokens and two-factor authentication are hot stuff.
Token-based authentication is hardly new. Traditionally, tokens were expensive, niche and considered extremely cool by those working in the information security business.

Written by Patrick Gray23 July 07 22:00

Gone phishing

It used to be that enterprises only had to worry about their own security, but as fraudsters get more and more sophisticated, the security of the end user – the customer – has never been so important.
Organisations are now making moves to protect their customers like never before, according to Graham Ingram, general manager of AusCERT, the Australian computer security information centre based in Queensland. However, merely educating users on phishing scams and telling them why opening executable email attachments is a really bad idea will not eliminate online fraud.

Written by Patrick Gray30 April 04 22:00