Stories by Dan Danbom

A content-based ‘solution’ for your spare time!

I take it either as an indicator of great insight or advancing imbecility that I no longer think of what I do as “writing” and instead think of it as “providing blank-page solutions”.
I came to this conclusion after reading the advertisements in just one issue of a popular business magazine and discovering 35 of the issue’s full-page ads use the word “solutions” at least once. One used it five times in the same ad. Another used it in three different ads. Businesses have all sorts of stripes, but all seem to be selling the same thing: Solutions. But what a variety of solutions they sell!

Written by Dan Danbom30 Sept. 03 22:00

Spam I am

More and more people are arguing we should consider outlawing spam, leading me to think that more and more people should try to find something better to do. I think their well-intentioned efforts may end up killing the goose that laid the safely enlarged, inexpensive, partner-satisfying, lower-interest rate, free preview, available- without-a-prescription golden egg.
Here’s my reasoning: We have succeeded economically because of our free enterprise system. The free enterprise system is based on competition. Competition is based on giving consumers choices and showing them the advantages of one choice over another.

Written by Dan Danbom31 Aug. 03 22:00

CFOs and CIOs: Where is the love?

While watching daytime television the other day, I was struck by a thought that led to me spewing good beer over my convenient ottoman.
I don’t know about where you live, but where I live, daytime television is filled with shows about “relationships”. The shows use engaging hosts and rowdy audiences to work through relationship “issues” such as “My wife is dating my daughter”, “The love of my husband’s life is his remote control”, and “My wife sold our car to pay for her $2000-a-month dermabrasion habit”.

Written by Dan Danbom30 April 03 22:00