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Making a business case for identity management

Over the past couple years, identity management technologies, including provisioning, web access management and directory services, have been joined by an emerging set of technologies that involve role management, identity audit and governance, and entitlement management. These technologies can play a key role in meeting both business requirements related to auditing and reporting, and security requirements regarding user access to sensitive applications and information.

Written by Katherine Walsh25 April 08 19:21

The numbers man

At the most basic level, cryptography is the science of using math to protect information. Paul Kocher, president and chief scientist at Cryptography Research, has made a career out of using these algorithms to protect companies from fraud and piracy. CSO talked with him about cryptography's history, present, future, and how it will continue to fit into the changing security landscape.

Written by Katherine Walsh28 Nov. 07 21:06

How to talk to the boss

Business technology is the new information technology, says Forrester Research's VP and Research Director Laurie M. Orlov. The new term represents IT's future, according to her recent report "Business Technology: Do Business Execs Get IT?" "IT organizations are becoming more focused on the business of the firm, and not necessarily the technology or IT of it," Orlov says. But in order for IT and business to align, "all execs must be able to pass an IT knowledge test," writes Orlov.

Written by Katherine Walsh04 Nov. 06 01:19

Feature: 20 leaders to watch

Our 20 Ones to Watch honourees bring business acumen, technical skill and passion to their drive for leadership.
Simon Benzekri, 38

Written by Katherine Walsh05 July 06 22:00