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Class act

An academic institution, like any other business, needs to distinguish itself as a place of superior quality as it competes for students and dollars. Its message about who it is and what it stands for must speak to prospective students whose families are considering one of the largest investments they'll ever make, and persuade potential donors that their dollars will be well spent. That's essentially what Sandra King, CMO of Bentley College, does as she creates the framework that accurately positions the institution, its academic focus and the overall Bentley experience. We talked with King at the school's Waltham, Mass., campus.

Written by Elaine M. Cummings03 Jan. 06 23:29

Technology's impact: Queen Noor

FRAMINGHAM (10/06/2003) - Technology has become a powerful force for transforming economic life, but it is also having an increasingly powerful impact on social and political conditions around the world. In particular, the Internet has expanded dramatically the reach of nongovernmental organizations and humanitarian activists. Not only are these groups better able to mobilize the masses, but the Internet's instantaneous nature also enables them to more effectively exert pressure and influence decision making at all levels.

Written by Elaine M. Cummings06 Oct. 03 20:26