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IDC reports on the role of IT in manufacturing

During these tough economic times, manufacturers worldwide are more than ever relying on IT to ensure that they survive for the upturn.
New research by research and advisory firm IDC noted that manufacturers are currently re-assessing how they are doing their business and focusing on "operational efficiencies." The research on IDC Manufacturing Insights noted that the economic crisis is bringing out the best in companies.

Written by MIS Asia staff23 Nov. 09 22:00

Mobile phones edge PCs in social network use

Mobile devices are the preferred tools by social network site (SNS) users over PCs in at least four Asian countries, according to a recent IDC survey report.
The report titled Examining Usage, Perceptions, and Monetization: The Coming of Age for Social Network Sites in Asia/Pacific said more than 50 per cent of respondents in China, India, South Korea and Thailand access social networks such as Facebook weekly via mobile phones.

Written by MIS Asia staff21 Nov. 09 22:00

Ailing datacentres to seek relief in cloud computing

Hobbled by rising operational costs, below-standard utilisation levels and increasing technological complexities, seven-year old data centres are facing a fuzzy horizon.
Based on the latest research findings on data centres by market intelligence provider IDC, complexities and redundancies will fester in the migration stage.

Written by MIS Asia staff15 Nov. 09 22:00

Business-critical email needs improved integrity

The need for greater email integrity has never been more important as email has become the primary mode of communication for most connected businesses with, according to research firm IDC, an estimated 850 million commercial mailboxes worldwide.
Increasingly, companies connect with vendors and suppliers, employees and recruits, partners and customers as well as the government, via email as a first option. Email is also a critical enabler of e-government services around the world.

Written by MIS Asia staff04 May 09 22:00