Stories by Lynn Greiner

The state of the scripting universe

The former second-class citizens of the programming world have leaped to the fore, changing the face of enterprise software development. With the rise of Web 2.0, scripting languages (also called dynamic languages) are now often considered important tools in a developer's arsenal. That's a far cry from than their old reputation as lesser tools for those who can't handle "real" programming.

Written by Lynn Greiner31 Aug. 08 22:00

What if the internet went down...and didn't come back up?

Imagine, if you will, a world with no internet. No email. No e-commerce. And no BlackBerrys. Email would be supplanted by snail mail; cell phones by land lines. Now imagine what the future would look like. Futurists say virtual business services of all sorts, accounting, payroll and even sales would come to a halt, as would many companies.

Written by Lynn Greiner20 Jan. 08 22:00