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App looks to get tips from coffee drinkers to Colombia growers

“Right now the system is completely warped in the favor of Nespresso and Illy and the large roasters.This is probably the perfect environment for them to be doing business and yet they're doing the bare minimum to say they care about farmers."

Written by Reuters25 Aug. 19 17:52

HP CEO Dion Weisler steps down, taps veteran insider

Enrique Lores, a 30-year veteran with the company and currently president of HP's imaging, printing and solutions business, will take over the CEO position in November

Written by Reuters23 Aug. 19 15:19

A guide to the digital tax debate

French President Emmanuel Macron is pressing ahead with a digital tax in France, a move US President Donald Trump described as "foolishness", and the French leader is keen to reach an international agreement on taxing big tech companies.

Written by Reuters23 Aug. 19 06:16

Intel unveils first artificial intelligence chip Springhill

The chip, developed at its development facility in Haifa, Israel, is known as Nervana NNP-I or Springhill and is based on a 10 nanometer Ice Lake processor that will allow it to cope with high workloads using minimal amounts of energy, Intel said.

Written by Reuters21 Aug. 19 08:08

Instagram adds tool for users to flag false information

Posting false information is not banned on any of Facebook's suite of social media services, but the company is taking steps to limit the reach of inaccurate information and warn users about disputed claims.

Written by Reuters16 Aug. 19 08:25

Japanese researchers build robotic tail to keep elderly upright

​Millions of years after the ancestors of humans evolved to lose their tails, a research team at Japan’s Keio University have built a robotic one they say could help unsteady elderly people keep their balance.

Written by Reuters15 Aug. 19 06:05

Google's jobs search draws antitrust complaints from rivals

Google's fast-growing tool for searching job listings has been a boon for employers and job boards starving for candidates, but several rival job-finding services contend anti-competitive behavior has fueled its rise and cost them users and profits

Written by Reuters14 Aug. 19 06:48

Chinese space startup revs up for reusable rocket race

China envisions constellations of commercial satellites that can offer services ranging from high-speed internet for aircraft and rural areas to tracking coal shipments and commuter traffic.

Written by Reuters12 Aug. 19 05:40