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Trio wins economics Nobel for science-based poverty fight

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said their work had shown how poverty could be addressed by breaking it down into smaller and more precise questions in areas such as education and healthcare, and then testing solutions in the field.

Written by Reuters16 Oct. 19 07:06

Scientists endorse mass civil disobedience to force climate action

In a joint declaration, climate scientists, physicists, biologists, engineers and others from at least 20 countries broke with the caution traditionally associated with academia to side with peaceful protesters courting arrest from Amsterdam to Melbourne.

Written by Reuters14 Oct. 19 07:03

'Hey Google, delete the last thing I said to you'

Google has raced to launch a slew of privacy-related features as the search giant and social media companies face heat from users and regulators globally on how their platforms handle user data.

Written by Reuters03 Oct. 19 04:10

Fintech Revolut to hire 3500 staff in global push with Visa

Revolut, one of a breed of new digital-only account providers taking aim at traditional high street banks, has grown at breakneck pace since its launch in July 2015 and now boasts more than 8 million customers.

Written by Reuters01 Oct. 19 05:14

Elon Musk unveils new Mars rocket prototype, expects missions in months

Elon Musk showed a crowd of space enthusiasts and reporters at SpaceX’s rocket development site late on Saturday in the remote village of Boca Chica, Texas, animations of Starship landing on the moon and Mars and predicted that the rocket's first orbital flight could come in the next six months, followed by missions to space with humans aboard the next year.

Written by Reuters30 Sept. 19 06:01

Tech group to revamp in fight against online extremist content

The announcement coincides with group members meeting leaders including New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the United Nations General Assembly to share the progress regarding an action plan in response to Christchurch's mosques shooting massacre.

Written by Reuters24 Sept. 19 08:21