Stories by Salvatore Salamone

Nano poised for liftoff

From R&D analysis and pathogen detection to clinical diagnosis and drug delivery, the biomedical applications of nanotechnology, while still in their infancy, are starting to yield real results.

Written by Salvatore Salamone15 March 05 16:13

Riding the new wave

New offerings from Accelrys Inc., LION Bioscience AG, MDL Information Systems Inc., Synthematix Inc., and Tripos Inc. may be the crest of a new wave of software designed to meet increasing demand to tightly incorporate chemoinformatics into the drug discovery process.

Written by Salvatore Salamone19 Oct. 04 19:16

Knowledge management: Common knowledge

What's more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack? Defining knowledge management.
Yet life science companies, collaborative software tool vendors, and industry consultants all seem to hold out great hope for this something they call knowledge management.

Written by Salvatore Salamone04 May 03 22:00