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‘All industry verticals are susceptible to cybercrime’

The bad guys are getting smarter. Whether they are terrorists who realise another way to hurt the world and advance their agenda is to destabilise the economies of developed nations, especially leaders like the USA, disgruntled insiders, or "ordinary" criminals with a predominant profit motive, cyber crimes are increasing and becoming more costly. In information technology security circles, there is some buzz about a July 2010 Cost of Cyber Crime Benchmark Study of a representative sampling of US companies conducted by the Ponemon Institute. This organisation conducts independent research on privacy, data protection, and information security policy.
The point that the Institute is seemingly trying to make with their representative study is that Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), especially as it relates to IT, needs to ramp up; companies are getting lax again/still and re-assuming an attitude of "it" (i.e.: bad things) won't happen to them. The 23-page Ponemon Institute report is available online at their website but, here is a high-level, seven-point summary and my input of how the information may relate to your company's situation.

Written by Jon Murphy15 Jan. 11 22:00